promote pro‧mote [prəˈməʊt ǁ -ˈmoʊt] verb [transitive]
1. to help something develop, grow, become more successful etc, or encourage something to happen:

• The CBI is in favour of promoting alliances between small businesses.

• Oftel favors firm controls on pricing to help promote competition.

• Capital spending enables companies to reduce costs, increase employment and generally promote economic growth.

2. MARKETING to try hard to sell a product or service by advertising it widely, reducing its price etc:

• The book will be heavily promoted by publisher Random House.

• We need a credible strategy for promoting high-definition television.

3. HUMAN RESOURCES to give someone a better paid, more responsible job in a company or organization:

• He turned increasingly to Mr. Barr for help and eventually promoted him to deputy attorney general.

promote somebody to something

• Univision Holdings Inc. has promoted four executives to new posts as part of a reorganization.

4. COMMERCE to be responsible for arranging a large public entertainment event, especially a musical or sports event:

• The athletics events are promoted jointly by industrial and commercial sponsors.

* * *

promote UK US /prəˈməʊt/ verb [T]
MARKETING to encourage people to buy or want something, through advertising, offers of lower prices, special events, etc.: »

Marks was there promoting his new book.


The vaccine is being heavily promoted by its maker.


The guide has been designed to promote sales of their financial products.

Compare ADVERTISE(Cf. ↑advertise)
GOVERNMENT, COMMERCE, ECONOMICS to encourage the existence or development of something: »

promote growth/business/development


promote efficiency/innovation


promote trade/competition


promote democracy/diversity

HR, WORKPLACE to give someone a higher or more important job or rank: »

Before being promoted, she worked as a senior manager for 15 years.

promote sb to sth »

In August, he was promoted to the homicide division.

STOCK MARKET to start listing (= giving the price of) a company's shares on a more important stock index (= system that shows changes of the average prices of shares on a particular stock market): promote sth to sth »

All eight companies are to be promoted to the FTSE 100 index.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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